Less is more

When you want to take the next step in life,
old stuff may become a burden. Allow yourself
practical support and make room for what truly
is important! (If someone loved one just passed away
it is nice to be able to mown your

• Feeling overwhelmed by clutter?
• No idea of their value of your art piece?
• In need to empty a property quickly?
• Estate settlement after a death?
• Moving abroad?

Spullenbaas is here to help you to stay on top things.


Why Us?

We offer


Every clearance is unique, which is why we at Spullenbaas
offer tailored services to meet your specific needs.

We understand the importance of your personal documents
and photos, which is why we ensure they are kept separate
and handled with care.

Profit Sharing


Let us take the burden off your shoulders no more dealing with people from Facebook marketplace our team efficiently clears out your space in one go.

Save time and energy by entrusting us with the time-consuming and emotional task of sorting through your belongings, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Expert appraisal services


Our specialists accurately assess the value of your items, ensuring you receive fair prices for your belongings.

With our extensive network, we have access to various auction houses, allowing us to connect you with the right buyers and achieve optimal results.

Why Us


House Clearance

Have your home cleared efficiently within 1-2 days. Our team will assist you as soon as possible.

Passing away

Receive the practical support you need so you can focus on what matters most. 


We’ll help you assess the value of your belongings. 

Corporate Clearance

Clearance of corporate buildings, storage, offices and other working space.


Leaving the country? Leave past begind and free your head space for your future.


We provide a quick and effective solutions within a day. 



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About Us

Since 2020, Spullenbaas has been the specialist in property clearances. Spullenbaas helps people who need to get rid of belongings and strives to give these belongings a second life whenever possible.

Spullenbaas originated from the settlement of the estate of Valentijn Vroom’s father (founder of Spullenbaas). With his personal experience, Valentijn now assists others in building a life free from unnecessary possessions

About Us - Valentijn

Sustainability in Action

On sunny days, you’ll often find us at the market! Spullenbaas is more than just a service for property clearance. Selling items in Amsterdam is a crucial part of the process. At Spullenbaas, we believe in the power of sustainability and the value of giving old items a second life. An important part of our mission is to contribute to a circular economy where reuse is central part.

Sustainability in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spullenbaas provide compensation for household belongings during clearance?

Currently, Spullenbaas does not offer compensation for household belongings. We strive to give these items a new life by donating them to Spullenbaas’s thrift store. In exceptional cases, a discount on the invoice may be granted.

What happens to the items after the clearance?

Items without value are separated at the recycling station to minimize environmental impact. For items with value, we aim to give them a second life by selling them in our thrift store. This way, we contribute to the circular economy and ensure affordability for buyers.

My landlord has specific move-out requirements. Can you assist with this?

Yes, we are happy to assist you as much as possible. We ensure the property is left clean. We can also help with additional tasks like removing lamps, floors, or filling gaps. If the floor is glued or needs painting, our partners can further assist you.

Do I need to be present during a clearance?

No, you do not need to be present. During key handover, we discuss all necessary tasks and label items that should remain. This allows us to work efficiently and without interruption.

How long does a clearance typically take?

Each job is unique, but on average, we complete a clearance in one day. For an accurate estimate, please schedule a free consultation for a quote.

Do you also handle moving services?

Generally, we do not, but as part of a clearance, we can make exceptions in certain cases.

I am hesitant to hand over my entire belongings. What if there are personal items I want to keep?

Don’t worry, during the clearance, we separate personal photos and documents we come across. This reduces the risk of losing items of emotional value.

Why is there no compensation for items?

Similar to a thrift store, we do not provide compensation for items. Giving items a second life involves various processes such as sorting, refurbishing/cleaning, photography, online listing, customer communication, and arranging pickup/delivery. If you prefer compensation, we suggest trying to sell the items yourself.

Do you use a moving lift?

For all properties without a lift and higher than the first floor, we use a moving lift. This not only makes it easier for us to remove items but also speeds up the process.

Why Us

Free, no-obligation quote

Tell us your requirements and we will send you an estimate within 48 hours. Is it urgent? Then we will contact you immediately. At SPULLENBAAS, almost everything is possible. Ask us about the possibilities.