Each clearance project is unique and requires a customized approach. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have an idea of the costs involved beforehand. A definitive quote can only be provided after scheduling an on-site visit.

Based on our experience, we have compiled an indicative cost overview:

Type of Space

  • Single-family Home 75-100 mΒ²

Price Estimate

  • $€400 - €750
  • $€750 - €2,500
  • $€1,800 - €3,500
  • $€3,500 - €5,000

    Additional Services

    • Urgent Service: 20% surcharge on the total amount. We can clear the property within 48 hours.
    • Heavily Contaminated Property: Surcharge for extremely contaminated properties.
    • Special/Hazardous Waste Removal: On request.
    • Computer Service: We assist in transferring data from your old computers to an external hard drive.
    • Video Tape Service: We help transfer your video tapes to digital files so you can enjoy your special memories.
    • Rental Property Handover Service: Need to remove flooring, curtains, or lights? We prepare your property for the final inspection.



    Step 1: Free Quote

    Click the button below to request a quote. We will visit you at no cost to assess the project, provide a detailed quote, and establish a deadline. This also gives us the opportunity to meet in person.


    Step 2: Approval and Planning

    Upon your approval, we will schedule the clearance and make all necessary preparations. It is important to let us know if there are any items you wish to keep. For us, empty means empty, so please inform us if you want anything left behind.

    Don’t worry, if we find any photos or personal documents, we will always set them aside for you.


    Step 3: Execution

    By the agreed deadline, we will come and ensure the property is cleared and broom clean. You can count on careful and professional handling.

    Free, no-obligation quote

    Tell us your requirements and we will send you an estimate within 48 hours. Is it urgent? Then we will contact you immediately. At SPULLENBAAS, almost everything is possible. Ask us about the possibilities.

    Valuable Items

    Can I get money for my belongings? We use the triangle of auction/charity/waste. If you have a valuable item but don’t know where to sell it, we can assist with appraisal and sale. Think of paintings, wine, silver, or collectibles.

    Items that cannot be auctioned but are not waste will be donated to our charity. Just like a regular charity, you will not receive money for these items. In exceptional cases, we will deduct a value for the items afterward.

    We are happy to visit and see if we can help you sell valuable items. Schedule an appointment for a viewing below.