About Us


Our mission is to help people take control of their belongings. We believe that a clear mind starts with a tidy and organized life. Since 2020, Spullenbaas has been dedicated to assisting people who need to dispose of their items, ensuring these items are given a second life whenever possible.

Spullenbaas is renowned for our home clearance services. Clearing a home can be incredibly challenging. Spullenbaas offers personalized support that closely aligns with the unique needs of our clients, allowing them to focus on the important things in their lives.

Valentijn Vroom

Valentijn Vroom conceived the idea for Spullenbaas while handling his father’s estate (grandson of the founders of Vroom & Dreesmann). He decided to devote himself to giving the items from the remaining estate a new purpose. Valentijn’s personal and efficient approach stems from this challenging life experience.

After working as a consultant, Valentijn chose to embark on an entrepreneurial path. The sale of the last remnants of the inheritance was highly successful, resulting in a cleared storage space and a new future perspective.

Over the years, Valentijn has built a diverse network of auction houses and specialists, enabling him to effortlessly assist people in selling their items. This has led to requests for Spullenbaas services from both his immediate circle and beyond.

our team


Our team consists of passionate and professional freelancers who help us achieve our mission of assisting people in taking control of their belongings. We believe in the power of collaboration and work with a diverse group of freelancers with various backgrounds and skills to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Our team of freelancers is carefully selected based on their expertise and experience in the clearance industry, and we are proud of their dedication and hard work in helping our clients declutter and organize their belongings.

Whether it’s a full home clearance, office clearance, or a partial job, our team is ready to support our clients every step of the way.

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